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I went to stay,

At my uncle’s house a lot back in the day when I was a teenager.

Now on one particular visit I was working out with him, in his OLD SCHOOL garage gym when I noticed a small photograph stuck to a cracked mirror.

It was a faded picture, of him when he was younger and to be honest I was taken by surprise.

When I turned the photograph over I couldn’t believe my eyes when it said, when I read the written words ‘Me at 17 years old’.

My uncle’s physique was a sight to behold at this age which shocked me because in this picture, of him as a teenager he was the same age as me!

And I will tell you honestly, that his BODY was far more developed than mine for reasons I could not understand.

I was built like my dad who had a similar frame to my uncle, but clearly the men of the OLD SCHOOL had a secret or secrets that I needed to learn.

So I decided to turn to my uncle who was bench pressing, and ask him if he could teach me the lessons that enabled him to develop such a broad, full and imposing physique at my age.

Well in that moment he was my sage when it came to the advice that he shared.

He clearly cared about this subject and went on to impart wisdom that I would be honoured to pass on to YOU today.

This is what my uncle had to say about the changes to the male BODY, the reasons why he felt this had happened to young men and some solutions to counter the negative effects.


In our modern day it is now pretty well known, that young men have lower testosterone than even their grandfathers do.

It is true that 18 year olds walking around today have declined significantly, when it comes to the level of T that they operate with in comparison to not just their fathers, but also their grandfathers which I personally found shocking.

I remember my uncle telling me this on that day in his garage gym, and I believed him when he said ‘just look at the fullness of my muscles in the photo, compared to you Tane my bro’.

He then went on to show me the documentary Pumping Iron based on the great bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He and the other stars of this documentary like Franco Columbo, Lou Ferrigno, Mike Katz, Ken Waller, Serge Nubret, well it was true what my uncle had to say about them because you could see that their muscle texture was different.

There was a significant muscular fullness, broadness to the skeletal structure, and a clear difference in the nature of the male characteristics such as a more chiselled jaw line that modern young men do not possess.

Yes even then as a young man growing up in the 90s, I could see the difference in the men who were bodybuilding in the 70s when Pumping Iron was released.

My uncle had unleashed a truth that I decided to research more about.

I wanted factually figure out why this would be so, which led me to the following statistics that are still true to this day.

  • Testosterone levels have been declining by 1% per year, globally since 1980.
  • The men of our today have 33% less testosterone than men in 1999.
  • 40% of men over 40 suffer with the significant male symptoms of low testosterone.
  • 20% of men aged 15 to 39 suffer with the significant male symptoms of low testosterone.
  • The significant male symptoms of low testosterone are depression, anxiety, suicide, obesity, diabetes, infertility and erectile disfunction.

This information proved my uncle’s intuitive theory correct.

You could not object to the visual differences seen on a photo, and in an OLD SCHOOL video called Pumping Iron but the research aligned to.

The facts were true, so on my next visit I asked my uncle what to do about my own level of testosterone in order to keep it high.

Every guy benefits from maintaining a high level of T, but how exactly do you assist that?

My uncle sat me down and we started to write out a plan, that would help me to feel and look like a healthy man into old age from a testosterone perspective.

These became my objectives and I would like to share them with you now, so that you can learn how to keep your own testosterone level high.

I will even explain those benefits as to why you want to maintain your level of testosterone at the end.


  1. Commit to some form of movement or training every day, even if that is just a walk in nature when you are recovering from hard sessions. Stagnation decreases testosterone levels so you want to always keep the BODY moving.
  2. Lift weights, including all compound movements such as deadlifts, squat, bench press, overhead press and barbell rows at least 2-3 times a week for the rest of your life. Lifting weights has been proven to increase testosterone levels by 21.6% in men.
  3. Eat organic meat from healthy and happily raised animals regularly. Such produce contains saturated fat which is high in cholesterol, the building blocks of testosterone.
  4. Reduce sugar intake to below 20 grams per day. Anything over 75 grams has been proven to reduce testosterone by up to 25%.
  5. Avoid high levels of caffeine, so anything over 100mg and only consume caffeine twice a week. Caffeine has been proven to raise cortisol levels, which creates stress in the BODY and this in turn breaks down muscle tissue. This requires energy for healing, which lowers testosterone.
  6. Quit masturbation. It decreases testosterone by 59%, as well as the vitamins and minerals needed to produce testosterone like zinc, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C.
  7. Maintain regular sexual intercourse with a female romantic partner. During such intercourse men are exposed to female pheromones called copulins, which increase testosterone by up to 150%!
  8. Sleep 7-9 hours every night to increase testosterone production by 15%.
  9. If possible, commit to getting up to 1 hour of sunshine every day. Sunshine boosts vitamin D levels, which in turn boosts testosterone levels by up to 68%.
  10. Avoid soy products, products with artificial flavours and colourings, recreational drugs like cannabis and pornography, because they have all been proven to increase oestrogen production making you lazy and lacking in testosterone.

My uncle and me, we put together this plan of action based on reason, logic and statistics.

These lifestyle tactics have helped me to maintain a healthy level of T and continue to do so, which unlocks the following benefits.


  1. More muscle and a leaner BODY mass
  2. Increased muscular strength
  3. Stronger bones
  4. Sharper mental clarity
  5. Increased energy and focus
  6. A gain in self-confidence and respect
  7. Better libido and erectile strength
  8. Improved and balanced mood
  9. Deeper and more restful sleep
  10. Healthier skin and hair

On top of all of these benefits, you of course also have the aesthetics of feeling fuller, broader and having more texture just like my uncle.

The men of the OLD SCHOOL certainly had a natural advantage with higher levels of testosterone, and if you assimilate with the knowledge above then such a level may once again be known to you in our modern day.

I really hope you have learned from what my uncle had to say and work to empower yourself with this hormone once again.

Testosterone is not a trend it is a lifestyle you must commit to because it has to be, out of necessity.

Everything is against men in our modern world when it comes to maintaining a high level of this hormone so like I say, commit to what you have learned today from a photo, a video and my uncle.

Maintaining a high testosterone level…

Will make you a man of the OLD SCHOOL! 💪





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