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The first tip doesn’t relate to a specific exercise or training style but is based on the most important fundamental practice of Saviour World, following your intuition! This has enabled me to build the most power within my physical being. How? Well if we break intuition down, this tip is simple. Just follow your feelings! Borrow ideas and training tips from us or those around you but remember that at the end of the day, your fitness journey is your own. Do not run someone else’s race! Take ours or others ideas and use them to create your own pattern, a routine that works for you. It must feel right to you! Only your intuition can tell you this. Get to know yourself and your body a little better first before following the crowd. Being a sheep will only lead you to the pen. Becoming a shepherd will make you a leader of sheep! Shepherds follow their gut. They follow their intuition. This should be your number one priority on your training journey. Follow YOUR intuition! You will always know what’s best for you.


All around you is a playground of gym equipment made by Mother Nature herself, just waiting to be trained on and explored! Pick up rocks, bench press logs, climb trees, run on sand. When you access nature, all around you is training equipment! On top of that you get a great connection to the valuable energy that can be found in the natural world and spaces. I particularly enjoy training animal movements on grass to get myself grounded to the earth’s energy. Just make sure if you train with Mother Nature you leave it as you found it. It’s important we protect and nurture her so she can cultivate more energy for future generations.


If you can’t get into nature, you can still find great training equipment in cities! A long set of stairs is your best friend for busting those lungs and building overall body power, especially in the legs! Sure they hurt but the pain will give you greater control over your mind in chaotic situations. You have to find calm during painful training which translates well to navigating tough life situations. I sprint stairs. Jump them. Sometimes climb them on all fours to mix it up. To reiterate point one, you’ve just got to experiment with your body and what works for you. Follow your intuition and run some stairs!


I practice different breathing techniques to ensure that when I’m training, I know how to correctly flood my body with oxygen and maybe more importantly, evacuate carbon dioxide. It’s our Co2 tolerance that really determines our lung capacity and how long we can keep performing for. I recommend people look into kundalini breathing if they want a starting point. That’s where my elders started with me. Learning more about nose breathing in its various patterns has worked wonders for my training and will for yours too!


Through our teaching on ascension, you should have learned by now that your body is a vibration! It is not solid. It is actually atoms vibrating at a specific frequency that is unique to you. This is the same for all of us. Training with consistency every day in a balanced way ensures that you continually raise the vibrational frequency of your atoms, giving you access to more energy. More power! I follow this path religiously as a Saviour World light warrior and would say that consistency of training in this way, never losing a day, has been the biggest facilitator of my rise to the highest energetic frequencies. No days off! To live this you just have to get really smart at listening to your body and knowing what type of training it requires that day. Not all training days can be intense! You need to find balance and maintain your equilibrium if you are going to ascend.

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