My friend,

We have all heard the saying…

Less is more.

But how does that really work?

By doing less how can you actually be doing more?

There is a simple answer to this my friend.

That answer is…


I have students turning up to my martial arts school day in day out.

To them I say this…

If you are tired, do not train!



Did Raiden really just say that?

Surely the martial arts mentality is that of a tough warrior who trains no matter how broken or tired he is?


This mentality is a form of suppression.

It has been forced upon us by society.

We equate pain and discomfort with hard work.

And we do not believe we are growing, ascending or evolving unless we are working hard.

My friend…

Hard work is not the answer.

Smart work is!

Smart work creates quality.

Quality is smart.

Quantity is hard.

It is all about how consistently you can produce quality.

That is the key to success!

My students…

I tell them not to train when they are tired or exhausted because if they do…

They will not react with instinct.

When we are tired our minds take control and we lose control of our thoughts and emotions.

This means that we make poor decisions.

A slow decision or the wrong one comes from a tired mind.

A tired mind equals a tired body.

A tired body equals slow movement and poor instinctual responses to a given stimulus.

This means poor quality training and this affects growth.

It is fine to turn up to the gym energised and to suffer defeat at the hands of a better opponent.

This will make you stronger, faster, more technical and will humble your ego.

You will grow from this!

But if you are turning up with no energy and getting beaten over and over again because you are tired…

This can not only lead to injury…

But will also destroy the students confidence, mood and morale.

It will destroy their mind!

And what they have to understand very quickly is that…

More training…


Leads to exhaustion.

Exhaustion creates poor quality training…

And poor quality training does NOT lead to greater technical quality.

Quality training in itself leads to greater technical quality!

So rather than training over and over again tired and exhausted.

Train consistently…

With energy…

To achieve effective results!

Train less…

But with more…

To achieve quality results!


Is more!


This only works when the less that you are doing is of quality.

There is no point in training less and still being tired.

In order to not be tired and fatigued…

You must manage your energy.

Any one of my students who is sacrificing nutrition, sleep, rest or recovery for poor lifestyle choices will receive a warning.

If they do that consistently then they are not meant for the path I am teaching and they must leave the school.

This may seem harsh but is to teach them discipline.

Discipline is vital!

Energy is vital-ity!

You must manage your energy with discipline.

If you do…

Then when you turn up to train you actually have the energy to make it a session of quality.

Quality is always the desired outcome of our training.

Mis-manage your energy outside of the gym and you will turn up to training with a tired body and tired mind.

This leads to poor quality training…

And poor quality training leads to poor technical results.

Consistent quality only works if you have the energy for it.

Less is more only works when you are achieving quality results.

Quality results are the direct result of energy management.

Energy management is the the direct result of discipline!

You must be disciplined for the less is more principle to work.

And this principle works and is the same for every life challenge.

If you are building a business for example…

You have to put in consistent quality to achieve results.

People will tell you that you have to work day and night and will be exhausted all of the time…

That’s the only way to make it happen.


Our modern day minds have been programmed to believe exhaustion equates to hard and hard work equates to success.

But as I have already mentioned…

Smart work equates to success.

Smart work is quality work.

Quality work comes from energy.

We have energy when we are not exhausted or tired…

So you must manage your energy effectively…

With discipline!

Work consistently on your business with energy…

To produce quality!

Regular quality work…

Will always beat great volumes of poor quality work.

From this perspective…

More is actually less…

And less is actually more!

My students live this way and improve consistently.

I live this way and improve consistently.

YOU can live this way and improve consistently.

Apply the less is more principle to your daily life and remember!

It was the tortoise who won the race… 🐢

Not the hare! 🐇




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