First of all let us understand what success is.

Success is actually relative to the person perceiving it.

What success means to one person will not be regarded as success to another.


Because we all have different visions.

We are all visualising different realities and how we would like to experience the world.

The achievement of fulfilling these visions is what makes us successful.

But as I say…

What one man visualises as success would not resonate with another.

Now there are material experiences that most would believe equate to success.

For example having lots of money, a nice car or a big house.

The majority would resonate with the perception that if you have these material items then you are successful.

But upon achieving these items, 99% of people will then feel empty and strive for more.


Because they are material

Material is another term for matter.

Matter is always external.

Matter is an energy appearing in an external form.

Energy that is experienced in the external can be fun and enjoyable to play with.

Spending lots of money

Driving a fast car.

Living in a big house.

But that’s the thing isn’t it…

It’s all being experienced in the external.

Where we experience true success…

Is internally.

Success is a feeling.

It is internal energy.

And what feels successful to one man won’t feel successful to another.

Sure we have mutual feelings when it comes to external success…

But these do not fill us up internally

They do not fulfil us…

They do not fulfil the soul.

The soul’s purpose.

The soul’s mission.

The soul of a man wants to create!

It wants to manifest its vision into the world and to share it with others.

This type of work is often ongoing and a life long journey…

Only death brings an end to its pursuit.

And this type of work is unique to the user…

As what a man wants to create is unique to him.

So what feels successful to a man is unique to him.

The definition of success to a man…

Is unique to him.

Unique to his vision.

So what can you do to ensure that you achieve your internal vision…

And consequently achieve success!

Here are 3 secrets…


In order to manifest your vision and your perception of success into the world, you must first understand that everything is energy. You must manipulate energy through action in order to manifest what you want to achieve. To do so you start by understanding your own energy. This refers to energy management. To manifest your dream or vision into reality is going to require great amounts of energy! That means you are going to have to use energy day in day out over long periods of time to gain momentum. With momentum comes power and with power you can start to manifest your vision. If you build your power through momentum but then break the flow by dissipating it through unfulfilling means, you will have to start again. You must manage your energy. Build every day and do not break the flow! Stay focused on the vision and building momentum.

This will become a habit I can assure you! One step each day towards the goal, no matter how big or small it is, will keep you in the flow. Equally, one step each day away from the flow will result in the loss of momentum and the loss of power. As a man on a mission, that is all you must focus on. Say no to parties. Say no to social gatherings. Say no to dating for a while if you have to! Whatever it takes to build momentum is all you care about now! You will become a master of energy management and will learn to only give to your purpose. Everything else is a waste!

This sounds ruthless and anti-social but only to a weak man. To a man with drive and determination, it sounds like the truth! It sounds necessary! Only the strong will reach their goals. All else will fail because they didn’t build enough power! Power is energy! Everything is energy! You must first understand your energy then you will understand the energy of others. Then you will understand the energy of the world. Only then will you truly understand success.


Routine. The majority of us have one. In fact some of us become so obsessed with it that if we break our routine we become stressed. Yet they have made us believe that having a routine is a bit sad. Those without a routine are the cool ones. They float and are free. Maybe so. Why don’t I tell you what a routine is and then you can make your own mind up.

A routine is simply a pattern. A pattern of behaviour that is followed to ensure the desired outcome of a day, week, month or year is achieved. We follow patterns to get things done! Patterns are efficient. Routines are efficient. Routines are patterns. Getting things done efficiently equates to getting things done effectively. Getting things done effectively over long periods of time equates to the achievement of desired goals. The achievement of desired goals equates to success! So a routine is simply a pattern of behaviour that the user follows to ensure efficient success. Sounds like the ones with the routines are actually the cool ones! Everyone else is just floating in chaos! By developing a routine from your intuition you will ensure that you do what is necessary each day to reach your desired outcome. You have simply created a pattern of behaviour that will lead to your goal.

The problem comes when we get stuck in a pattern of behaviour. We don’t want to break it because it becomes a comfort zone. We know this pattern so we want to keep living it. It feels safe. Success is not safe! It requires the development of a pattern to reach a desired outcome and then a new pattern will emerge that must be followed to reach the next outcome. This will require change. Change is simply breaking one pattern to start another. You must do this efficiently too. You will follow, live and experience many patterns before you manifest your vision. One pattern or routine will not be enough! That would be boring. So don’t get stuck! Find your pattern, live it, change it when necessary. Be adaptable. But always follow the pattern!

3). YOU

The most important secret to success: YOU! No one is going to do it for you. No one is coming to save you. No one is coming to give it to you. Everything you need to achieve success is inside of you. All of the energy. All of the patterns. All of the knowledge. It all comes from within. You have the code. All you have to do is look within to unlock it! We have been taught to look outwards using our minds! Seek gratification in the external world to reward the ego. That is how we are raised. The trick is to look inside. That is where all the answers are found. Look within! Once you find what you are looking for, once the information presents itself, RUN with it! Take action! Move, move, move. Build momentum. Build power! Energise your dreams, goals and visions into reality. Then you will feel it. You will feel what it is truly experience and manifest success. You are the answer my friend. You are and always have been.

There you have it…

3 secrets to success!

What an honour it was to share them with you.

I hope they resonate with your soul.

Your true self.

I hope you take this knowledge and empower yourself to reach your goals.

Empower yourself to feel success!

And do me a favour.

Don’t keep these secrets to yourself.

Share away!

Let your brothers know what you have found.

We are all one.

We are all in this reality together trying to reach a common goal.

A goal of peace.

A goal of vitality for all.

A goal of energy for all.

Only once this is achieved…

Only once we have all felt the truth…

Will YOU have truly been a success.




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