My brother,


What are they?

They are your souls way of communicating important information quickly to the body and mind.

They manifest through your mind to your body as natural reactions, movements and behaviour.

Efficient instincts are like super powers!

How do we use them?

By completely letting go!

The soul must be free to feel and play with them and this cannot happen in a body where the mind has control.

A dominant mind destroys instinctual connection.

The soul must be in charge of the experience for them to work effectively.

Are we even conscious of them?

The answer to this last question for the majority of us is no!

We have forgotten.

Through no fault of our own, the knowledge of how to feel and consciously connect with our instincts has been lost.

That on top of a society that has been built to bombard the senses means that in this modern day world, it is extremely difficult to remember the instinctual capabilities we possess.

Television, mobile phones, WiFi, phone masts and many other forms of electrical interference have destroyed our ability to consciously master our instincts and use them to not only exist…

But evolve!

This is very sad.

Ultimately though, the biggest crime is that the knowledge of what they are and how we use them has been suppressed.

Time for that to change!

I am here to teach you how to develop your instincts and reconnect with them on a conscious level.

Let’s start with 5 effective ways to train your instincts:


Martial arts in general provide a great platform for training the instincts but I particularly recommend Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This is because unlike other martial arts, there is little striking involved. Most of us, unless conditioned otherwise, fear being hit. This fear causes us to constrict and forget about our instincts. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, striking should be a part of the teaching process but the majority of it is grappling based. When sparring, you are faced with another mans chaos and it is your job to tame this chaos through a variety of techniques. As you progress with your training you will become calmer in the chaos and will then free your soul to consciously explore these techniques. You will begin to put your own movements together and express yourself in this war like game through instinctual connection with your body and mind. If you stay consistent and train from a place of consciousness, instinctual development is guaranteed!


If your body is always full of food it is impossible to fully connect with your instincts. This is because our instincts are most effective when we are running from our Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). This is our energy system that is responsible for our fight or flight responses which are instinctual. When you are full of food you are operating from your Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) which is responsible for recovery and regeneration. In this state you are relaxed and your instincts do not work as efficiently. In order to train your instincts, try intermittent fasting. This involves roughly a 16-20 hour period of under-eating followed by a 4-8 hour period of over-eating. The long under-eating phase will help you to develop your SNS and consequently your instinctual responses.

3). YOGA

In particular the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, also known as the strong practice. This form of yoga particularly suits the yang energy of men and a solid routine will help you to reconnect with your true self or your soul. Your soul is responsible for the experience you have in this world if you let it be responsible for it. What I mean is, the mind for many of us has control of the experience and so if you want the soul or your true self to take back its power, then you must let it! Yoga is a great way to feel and connect with the soul. The more power the soul has, the more powerful your instincts will be. Training your soul connection through yoga will dramatically enhance the effectiveness of your instincts.


Your instincts are wired in the same way all the connections exist in nature. Everything is connected to everything else and it is all communicating at a rapid rate without hesitation or any interference from a mind. Trees are a great example. They are connected to other trees through their roots and instinctually react to changes in weather and their environment by communicating with them through these root systems. They can even send food to other dying trees via this network! Spending time in nature allows us to absorb information through osmosis. We assimilate knowledge and reconnect with our own roots when we spend time in the natural environment. Get yourself outside and spend time in its silence. You will begin to remember how your instincts work and how you are part of something far greater!


Sometimes in order to wake up form our amnesia and remember what we have forgotten we need to feel pain. It is the only way to wake us up! If we are always comfortable then we refuse to change and that equals stagnation. When we stagnate we lose energy and cannot connect with our instincts or intuition. Now we’re not telling you to go out and hurt yourself! But pain can be delivered in an effective and safe way through the use of cold water. Take it slow when you’re just starting out! Go and dunk yourself in an ice water bath or take yourself to a cold lake or ocean. Spend as much time in its water as possible whilst controlling your breath. You will eventually become numb and calm. In this state you have transcended your mind and reconnected with your soul and consequently your instincts. Training this way regularly will have a dramatic effect on your ability to feel and utilise their true power.

So there you go!

5 ways to train your instincts.

As you develop the correct habits and progress with your training…

You will become aware of them working and feeling out your environment and life experience once again.

You will become like the animals on your planet.

Perfectly connected to the instinctual information provided by your soul and always living in the moment.

Their minds have not been conditioned so they have not forgotten how to do this.

But we have!

So it’s time to reconnect and although it will take time and is not an easy task…

We need to start somewhere.

We at Saviour World are going to begin disclosing the necessary information needed for you to take the first steps.

So we will provide the knowledge…

But YOU must provide the will to learn.

There will be plenty more information to come on this subject but for now…

Start exploring these 5 training methods and see how you get on.

Good luck!

White Bear



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