Each day of the week serves a purpose.

Each day has a specific way that it should be executed in order to win the week.

If you execute each day with discipline…

The week is yours!

Now for me the week actually starts on a Sunday so we will start there:


Monday is not won without effective preparation on a Sunday. This involves effective regeneration of the body, some entertainment for the mind and some reconnection with the soul. On top of that, foundations MUST be laid with your purpose (job) so that you have already prepared yourself to build the momentum you need to win the week. Can you imagine a strong man turning up to pull a truck in competition without the correct shoes and equipment? No! Not being prepared to start work on Monday would be like the strong man turning up to pull the truck with bare feet! Send those emails, write that to do list, prepare your food, iron your shirt. Whatever it is you need to do for your purpose, make sure it’s done and you’re ready for Monday morning. Once you have done this you can regenerate your body, I do this through yoga. You can entertain your mind, I like to watch movies. You can spend some time with your SELF in order to ensure you are present and connected, I get into nature. Lay the foundations correctly on Sunday and you will win the day!


You are now walking into Monday ready to build that momentum you need to win the week because of Sunday’s preparation. Now it’s time to put it to good use and get moving. Monday should be a day of attack! From a work perspective, everyone else will be slow and groggy because they have not laid the foundations on a Sunday like you did. You need to wake them up from their weekend slump and get them working for you. For example, instead of emailing, jump on the phone and deliver your requests energetically to the person on the other end. They are more likely to work for you if you transfer them some energy. Make them laugh or ask them how they are. Don’t drain them, pick them up! They will leave the conversation enthusiastic and will be more likely to move on what you need doing to win your day. From a training perspective, I will participate in back to back striking martial arts sessions to get moving and build momentum for the week. Attack Monday with energy! That’s how you win!


The highly energetic attack you carried out on Monday will be paying off Tuesday morning. Something to mention here, Tuesday morning you should wake up with a very clear mind. This is down to nutrition. On a weekend, like many others, I am more relaxed with my diet. I will fast in the day as I always do but I will break fast in a more relaxed way. Sometimes Monday I will still feel a bit groggy from the lower quality food but after some lemon water in the morning and high quality nutrients when I break fast in the evening, I’m on my way back to balance. Tuesday morning is when I truly feel my mind working at full power for me so I make use of it and so should you! Be creative on Tuesdays. I write content for Saviour World and train Jiu Jitsu. A clear mind helps me to express myself better through words and I perform better in sparring. Nurture your creative side, continue to eat nutrient dense foods and you will win Tuesday!


A tough day for many but not you! This is no hump day. The key to winning Wednesday is what you did on Tuesday. You nurtured and trained your creative side so you are now nice and relaxed. Most people have gone too hard Monday and Tuesday and now they are already tired. The week needs to end for them but you are just reaching full momentum and will make it count today. Stay in the flow and complete tasks as efficiently as possible. When you are in the flow there is a lot of dots connecting and you must keep connecting them until you cannot see anymore. Then you know you have finished. From a training perspective, I like to put in a solid strength and conditioning session on a Wednesday. It’s nice to get your headphones on and just be with the weights and your music. Wednesday is flow day! You’re calm and energised still, whereas others are fading. Set an example and show them how it’s done. That’s how you win a Wednesday!


For the masses, Thursday is the first day they can drink after work and not feel guilty about it. Not you though. You are riding that momentum and need to stay disciplined. Most people shut down mentally on a Friday so from a work perspective, you need to get important matters wrapped up today! It’s a final attack of the week. Like Monday but a little less energetic. A more casual attack. Maybe you send emails instead of calling but you will jump on the phone before the end of the day and be firm but fair if what you need is not done. From a training perspective, I like to get back to Jiu Jitsu on a Thursday. The session may be energetic or more technical but after my conditioning session the day before I’m ready to move more freely. A final assault on the week! That’s how you win a Thursday!


You have pretty much lost the rest of the working world to that Friday feeling. No worries though because that final attack you made on Thursday means you’re free to just wrap things up today. Do exactly that. Finalise emails. Pay off any outstanding invoices. Make those final calls and wish people a happy weekend. Start to just wind that momentum you built during the week down so that you can process the moves you have made and evaluate the next ones you’re going to make. I like to take a hike or get into nature on a Friday. The week has been prosperous but like I say, you need to process it. What did you learn? What do you need to move on next?  I figure these things out with Mother Nature and after a good hike, I’ve also completed a calm recovery based training session for the day. Two birds with one stone. Friday is for finishing and reflecting. That’s how you win the day!


This is the last day of the week for me. Friday you reflected and should have a rough idea of where your moving to next but you need to fully wind down and prepare to implement the new phase. You don’t stop though! I spend Saturdays getting the food for the week in from the market or farm, enjoying a solid strength session in the gym and cleaning and preparing the house for the week. You must always be working from a clean environment. A messy house equals a messy mind and you cannot build momentum when you are fighting a cluttered mind. Once all the chores are complete it’s time to fully rest. I will put in some nap time on a Saturday and spend time with loved ones. No partying or wasting energy on negative people or situations. Stick with positive influences and environments. Sunday the week starts again so make sure you’re ready for it! That’s how you win the day! That’s how you win the week!

So there you have it.

7 ways to win the week through effective application of the 7 days.

You must understand that you cannot break momentum once!

Each days victory serves as a platform for the next.

If you break stride for just one day…

Then you are setting yourself up to lose the next one.

If you break momentum you will always be chasing your tail.

So discipline is the name of the game as discipline leads to momentum.

Momentum is flow and it is in the flow that you will efficiently complete your daily tasks.

Completing your day leads to better rest and recovery as your mind will be clear.

If your mind is clear you will sleep better and be more effective the next day.

Remember, you are only in competition with yourself!

You have your own personal checklist each day and it is this intuitive list that you must fulfil.

When you wake up, move as soon as you are ready and follow your intuition.

It will guide you as to what needs doing and when you are finished.

When you are finished then rest and recovery is yours!

Peace is the reward!

Winning days equates to winning weeks…

Winning weeks equates to months and before you know it…

You’ve won the year!

Win a few of those and I GUARANTEE!!!

You will be successful.

You will complete your mission.

You will fulfil your purpose.

And most importantly…

You will leave this world with no regrets!

You are accountable to yourself brother.

Win the days.

Win the weeks.

Win the months.

Win the years.

Win life!




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