In my last post we arrived at a destination.

I explained that life can be limitless when you are connected to your purpose.

This is because you chose this mission and the exact path you would travel before you came here.

Before you were incarnated into the body.

Once you were born, you forgot!

And ever since that day, it has been your responsibility to listen to your intuition so you can be guided on how to fulfil your task on Earth.

I hope this is becoming clear for you.

So we now know why we are here and how to live limitlessly through the pursuit of high vibrations.

But what happens when you are not connected and exist at the other end of the vibrational scale?

When you lose your way and become highly unconscious?

When you are so lost in the game that you have forgotten why you came?

When you exist in this state…

You are asleep.

The mind has control.

Here you will meet many limitations and there is a reason for this!

Limitations are the universe’s way of communicating to you that you are off course.

You are ignoring the signals from your higher self…

And you have wandered off the path.

Limitations are designed to bring you back!

Effectively we are our own gods.

We create our own worlds.

But we did so before we arrived.

We did it outside of this 3D physical realm we call life.

We have no limitations on the path that we designed for our human selves to follow once we were incarnated.

On that path we can reach great heights!

All we have to do is raise our vibrational frequency to the correct levels and we will attract all that we need.

It’s all part of the game!

But so many of us have forgotten that it is a game.

It is meant to be played!

Life is meant to be lived!

Instead we are scared and live in fear.

So we box ourselves in.

Create comfort zones.

Create systems.

Every decision we choose to make from such constricted perceptions meets limitations. 

So we believe we are limited.

Then we lose confidence.

So even if we try to hear our intuition’s call…

The mind has become so powerful that its faint whisper cannot be heard!

We lose faith.

We carry on in the wrong direction hitting road block after road block.

Until one day we are so far from our true path that we barely recognise ourselves!

By this time you will be sick, dense and unable to generate love for yourself.

So you will seek it through emotional or materialistic means.

You will seek it through others…

Losing yourself further and further as you fail to realise that what you need isn’t available externally.

Failing to realise that every limitation you have met disguised as failure…


Heart break…


Is merely a sign from the universe that you need to turn back!

You need to change course!

You need to recognise the road blocks!

You need to listen to your intuition as a signal from your higher self.

If you do you will notice something very quickly.

The limitations will start to be removed.

Slowly but surely as your vibration increases and you start to recognise your true self again…

Your vibration will start to raise.

You will start to become correct.

You will start to remember little by little why you are here.

You will reconnect with your higher self and you will remember your mission.

Once you find your purpose again you will find the greatest gift of all…


When you are at peace you are in the flow.

You are living and working with the universe.

Working as part of the whole.

Here you will find no limitations.

There will be problems and issues that you must overcome…

But with the universe working through you there will always be a clear answer.

Limitations will cease to exist…

Because your perception will have changed.

You will realise that limitations were only ever signals.

And now that you are back on your path…

You do not need to be limited anymore!

Limitations only exist for the mind.

Limitations do not exist for the soul.

I will leave you to contemplate that one brother.

Until next time…




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