It’s time!

It’s time for me to reveal a secret to you that they have wanted to suppress for generations.

But now the cats out the bag! 🦁

The rabbit’s out of the hat! 🐰

I am here to tell you the exact reason why there is sugar in pretty much every processed food you find in the supermarket.

No it’s not to make you fat.

No it’s not even to make you addicted!

Although these are of course desired side effects.

Do you want to know why it’s in everything?

Are you sure you’re ready for this?


The real reason sugar is added to food is…



What does that mean?

Tane you are crazy bro!

Let me explain.

Your gut is home to what people like to call your second brain.

What this really means is while the actual brain contains a receiver called the pineal gland that connects you to higher consciousness…

The brain that connects you to your impulses and instincts in this reality is specifically in your gut!

That’s why they call it your gut instinct.

You know…

When someone says “follow your gut instinct Timmy, it’s never wrong.”

They’re not lying!

This is the truth!

Your gut instinct is your connection to the earth and its electrical impulses.

You have an electrical current running through you.

An impulse.

A pulse!

Your heart is pulsating and even though the majority of you can’t feel it, you are in rhythm with the earth!

As her heart beats so does yours.

She is constantly providing you with messages (impulses) and when you feel them you call it…

Following your instincts.

Following your intuition.

This intuition, this knowing feeling comes from your body and your body comes from the earth.

She gave you life and continues to do so through the very air that you breathe.

The energy.

The electrical current!

So going back to sugar.

Can you not see why the powers at be…

Those that are currently suppressing the people…

Would want to introduce something into the populace that can destroy this connection?

If you destroy the connection to the earth, the mother, the heartbeat, then you destroy consciousness.

Without this connection the mind takes over the body and the soul is forced to fight to regain control.

When you are a mind you are effectively a zombie and the mind can easily be manipulated.

The more minds there are wandering the earth the easier it is to control the population.

They don’t want free thinkers, creators and highly instinctual humans running around!

They can’t be controlled.

So it was simple.

Create a substance that tastes good and releases chemicals that make humans feel good i.e. sugar…

And poison the gut!

Sugar is toxic!

It causes the exact inflammation they want to manifest in your body to sever the connection.

Sugar inflames the gut and when the gut is inflamed then all that good bacteria that keeps it healthy is destroyed.

Those beautiful little micro-organisms that are the guardians of your second brain get poisoned and wiped out by sugar.

So the second brain starts to become compromised.

It starts to lose its power and the more toxic it becomes, the weaker the connection becomes.

The connection to your soul.

The connection to the earth.

The connection to your SELF.

Without you (the soul) in control of the body, the mind is forced to take over to ensure survival…

And this is exactly what they want!

Mind control!

So do yourself a favour.

Keep your gut in check.

Keep your gut healthy.

It’s okay to have a treat or reward every now and then but make sure you have healing days.

Days where you fast and eat only real and healthy foods.

The fasting will give your body the time it needs to heal and replenish good bacteria colonies in the gut.

The healthy foods will supply the body with the nutrients it needs to repair and energise the system.

Stick to consciously sourced meats and eggs, fresh farm bought fruits and vegetables and sustainably sourced fish.

Also, pre and probiotics.

Best forms are Sauerkraut and Kefir!

They feed the friendly bacteria, the guardians of the gut!

Stay healthy brothers.

Keep your body thriving, not just surviving.

Go easy on the sugar!

If you lose that gut brain you lose your instincts and you can’t follow your intuition.

Without your intuition you are blind in the dark!

We need light at this time so stay bright!

Stay healthy!

Stay woke!




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