My brother,

This may seem like a strange question…

But how do you know how to be a man?

Was it your father who taught you?

And who taught him?

His father?

Your grandfather.

And who taught him?

His father?

Your great grandfather.

And who taught him?

Has it all been passed down through generations?

The male knowledge.

The male energy.

But wait!

What if the knowledge passed down was wrong?

What if it was incorrect?!

That means your great grandfather…

He was wrong when he taught your grandfather how to be a man.

Your grandfather…

He was wrong when he taught your father how to be a man.

Your father…

He was wrong when he taught YOU how to be a man.

That means…


You guessed it!

You’re not really living as a man.

You are a man…

You inhabit a male body.

But living as a man requires a specific expression of energy.

Want to know how you truly express yourself as a man?

Okay well first of all I need you to visualise something for me.

I need you to picture a giant oak tree!

I need you to see a thick round trunk…

Strong and dense with deep brown bark.

Then I need you to move your eyes up and see its branches…

Broad and bushy with an abundance of luscious green leaves.

It stands tall.

Very tall!

Its width is just as magnificent though.

The sheer size of this oak tree you are visualising is overwhelming!

The colours…

Greens and browns…

They are rich and vibrant.

It is truly an incredible sight!

Such strength, size and power embodied by this oak tree.

Now I want you to imagine a small gust of wind…

Barely enough to give flight to a flag.

I want you to visualise that gust of wind blowing against our giant oak tree.


Our giant oak tree just fell over.

Its branches splintered into tiny pieces.

Its trunk split in two.


A small gust of wind…

Barely enough to fly a kite!

It knocked our giant oak tree to the ground.


The answer my friend…

Its roots!

Its roots were too shallow.

For all its might above ground…

All its strength and abundance on the surface.

Below told a very different story.

Our giant oak tree was all show.

It had used all of its energy to create splendour above…

And none to build its foundations below.

When that tiny gust of wind came along…

Down went our oak tree!

So why am I telling you this story?

Why are you visualising the destruction of a giant oak tree?

Well you see my brother…

There is a metaphor here for the expression of male energy.

The very thing I am trying to teach you about!

It doesn’t matter how big and strong you appear on the outside.

It doesn’t matter how powerful you seem on the surface.

When adversity comes…

If you do not have deep roots…

You will fall!

You can appear as masculine.

You can build your external.

Create a masculine character.

But without roots in the feminine…

Roots in love…

You will fall.

The only way to truly express yourself as male…

Is to have roots in the female.

Yin and Yang!

In order for there to be balance…

You must embody both dualities.

You cannot express yourself as man if you do not understand the woman.

To understand it…

You must give energy to it.

You must create deep roots!

Roots that ground you in love…




Only then will you be centred enough to express your masculinity.

Just like the oak tree…

You will be able to grow a thick round trunk…

Broad branches…

An abundance of luscious green leaves!

You will be able to express your strength and power on the surface…

Because beneath it you have such deep and extensive roots.

You are so deeply entrenched in love…

The feminine…


That you can express yourself so vastly…

So powerfully…

So strongly in Yang!

As a male…

As a man!

This is what a man truly is.

He is a warrior of love.

A warrior of light.

A warrior of truth!

He carries love into the world and he fights for it.

He fights with it!

His deep roots embody its power and he uses his body to express it and manifest it into the world.

He uses it to help others…

Guide others…

Lead others!

Lead them to the truth.

Lead them to the light.

Lead them back to love!

When adversity comes…

When he faces chaos…

He can face it head on and stand calm in its wind…

Because he has strong roots!

Just like our oak tree…

If a man is only a man on the surface…

If he has not put in work below…

Then when adversity presents itself.

When the wind blows.

He will fall down!

Just like the oak tree.

He will crash to the ground.

And what will be exposed?

His tiny roots.

His lack of compassion.

His lack of empathy.

His lack of love!

We as men have been guided away from the feminine.

Taught to misuse its love.

To disrespect it!

Our great grandfathers…



They all forgot!

They were never taught!

So how could they remember?

How could they teach us?

It is time now for a change!

It is time for a male revolution!

Men will stand together again.

Stand as big, strong oak trees.

Their roots deeply entrenched in love.

Deeply entrenched in the feminine.

This will allow them to stand strong.

Stand strong when the wind comes.

Stand strong in the face of adversity!

Being a man is a responsibility.

It is a gift.

You have been trusted with a power.

If you cannot wield it responsibly…

If you cannot be trusted with it…

It will be taken away!

Spend time on your foundations.

Energise your roots.

Understand the feminine.

Understand love.

Do not become effeminate.

You are a man!

You are not meant to be feminine!

You are meant to understand it.

Respect it.

Appreciate it.


And only then!

Will you be able to grow into the big, strong oak tree.

You will be able to embody the male energy.

Be able to live as a man.




From there it will be your job to guide others.

Teach the younger generations.

Protect them.

Lead them.

Lay down your life for them!

For the chaos that is to come…

We need men of honour once again.

Men who believe in something!

Men who stand for something!

Men who live for something!

These men are waking up.

If you are reading this…

You are one of them!

You didn’t arrive here by accident.

Trust these words.

Trust the knowledge.

Trust the process.

We will rise again!

Only this time…

With stronger roots!

White Bear



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