The breath.

The breath is life.

Without it you would perish.

Your body would no longer be able to house the soul that lives within.

You would die.


Because the breath contains the ether.

The ether is the energy that fills the space around you.

The ether is the air.

The ether is spirit.

The ether is consciousness.

Without the breath there is no ether.

Without the ether there is no life.

Many of us are alive but only on a limited level of consciousness.

We are merely surviving…

Not thriving as we should be!


There are many many factors but one of the most basic ones is the breath.

We do not breathe correctly!

That nose on your face.

Do you know what it’s for?

And no the answer is not picking 🙂

The nose was designed to inhale and exhale the ether.

The ether is like an electrical current that gives life to your body.

This electric current powers the water that flows within you.

The majority of you is water!

And the ether is the electricity that powers it up.

The nose is designed to bring it in and fill the lungs so that this electrical energy can be distributed to where it is needed in the body.

Pumped to where it’s needed in the blood by the heart.

The heart is the electrical centre of the body.

Its electrical pulse is maintained by a constant inflow of the ether through the nose!

The nose was also designed to expel the negative emissions and toxins that are released from the process of living.

Being alive in this 3D world requires the body to use the ether as fuel.

For every action there is an opposite reaction and the burning of any fuel creates negative emissions.

Just like a car burning petrol and creating fumes that are expelled through an exhaust.

So these toxins and negative energy need an output.

The nose on your face is the perfect tool for this job too!

It brings in exactly what the body needs and releases exactly what it doesn’t, in the correct amounts.

So if the nose is so good at its job…

Let me ask you a question.

Why do we all breathe through our mouths?!

Instead of consuming the air or ether around us in the correct amounts through the nose…

We gasp for it through the mouth.

Why do we gulp it!?

The mouth was designed for eating not breathing!

When we breathe through our mouths we send a signal to the body that we are in trouble and need extra air…

More ether!

More energy to get us through a stressful situation…

A fight or flight situation!

Gasping or gulping air through the mouth turns on the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) which is a fight or flight reaction.

And many of us are walking around breathing through our mouths or even worse…

Breathing through the mouth when we are at rest!

So our SNS is switched on the whole time thinking it’s in a fight or flight situation!

The goal when we are at rest is for the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) to be activated which controls recovery, healing and regeneration.

Constantly having the SNS turned on is damaging to the body!

It stops the healing process from taking place as only one branch of the central nervous system can be switched on at a time.

So how do we change this?

Breathe through your nose!

Train yourself to remember this process.

A great way to do this is through exercise.

During short spells of anaerobic exercise (no oxygen/ether) you will not be able to train the breath in this way as you will not be taking one.

Instead you should apply the principle straight after to allow for quicker recovery.

So when you’re catching your breath after anaerobic exercise, breath hard in and out through the nose!

But when doing aerobic exercise that requires oxygen…

For example running, sparring, weight lifting with high repetitions.

Practice breathing only through your nose!

Do not take gulps or gasps through your mouth…

That will switch on the SNS!

Stay calm and breathe in and out through the nose.

This will train your diaphragm to become stronger at pushing the flow of air from the bottom of the lungs to the top and vice versa more efficiently.

Most of us only use the top third of our lungs…

Especially when we only breathe through our mouths.

So training this way will teach that diaphragm to start working again and to become stronger at pushing and pulling air in and out of the body.

This makes for an efficient breathing process through the nose…

Which makes for effective breathing…

Which makes for effective living!

And be real with yourself for a second.

There are other factors that contribute to effective living and the breathing process.

For example…

You know that if you are not eating correctly, exercising, limiting stress etc then you are going to put on weight.

If you are overweight and inflamed the body has to deal with inflammation…

And inflammation causes mucus!

Mucus is the killer of efficient breathing.

It literally gets in the way!

It blocks nasal pathways and airways.

So do yourself a favour.

Don’t put extra stress on your body.

Look after it!

Keep yourself at the correct weight for your skeletal structure.

Your correct weight will be different to someone else’s.

So follow your intuition!

Don’t try and replicate someone else’s weight or body type.

You have your own body…

Listen to it!

Live and breathe correctly to ensure you give your body the best chance of thriving in a world that is tough enough as it is!

Don’t make breathing another issue you need to deal with.

Train your diaphragm during your next aerobic training session.

If your session is more anaerobic then when you have finished your movement breathe in and out through the nose deep and hard to recover quickly.

Some sports combine both anaerobic and aerobic movements and this technique can be applied to great effect.

For example during a short sprint in a rugby match an athlete can recover quickly by breathing short and sharp through the nose.

Then when they are jogging in the game they can calmly breathe through the nose to maintain efficient aerobic output.

A strong diaphragm through correct training of the breath will give the body this response.

It really is a powerful tool for athletes and everyday life!

There are other techniques that we apply to train the diaphragm from the meditative position but my brother White Bear is the man to teach you this.

He will write part 2 of this article for you and post it next week…

So stay tuned!

In the meantime…

Don’t be a mouth breather bro!

Keep your nose clean and keep the ether flowing!

You can’t live without it!




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