My friend, 

You know how to do it. 

You know how to be disciplined. 

YOU know how to exercise this art. 

But your mind doesn’t! 

Your mind is the onboard biological computer that enables you to navigate through this reality. 

You experience this reality through the 5 senses that your mind is responsible for. 

For the majority of us, the mind has control. 

Because we have forgotten how to be conscious and fully present within the body, the mind has been forced to take over. 

This process takes place to ensure survival. 

If you are not going to consciously guide and navigate through this reality… 

Then the mind takes control and you go into a form of autopilot. 

You will be here experiencing life but you will not be in control of the experience. 

You will not be the master of your mind so how can you be the master of your fate! 

So how do you take control of your mind and consequently your life? 


Discipline is an art form. 

It is a skill and like any skill… 

It must be practised! 

Discipline must not only be practised it must be exercised daily. 

Every day you are faced with a choice. 

Do you walk the path of your truth which is guided by your intuition… 

Or do you walk away from the path of your truth which is guided by your mind. 

What does this mean? 

Well the choice of which path you walk will ultimately come down to whether or not you can discipline yourself from succumbing to the temptations of the world. 

The mind is attracted to these pleasures and will always seek them out through the ego or false identity. 

This is the character that the mind creates to fool your true self into thinking that it has control of the experience. 

The mind controls the ego or character through the 5 senses. 

Anything that stimulates these senses it craves! 

For example, how many of us are addicted to sugar and feel happy when we receive a sweet treat? 

The mind enjoys this pleasure through the sense of taste and it is addicted to it, constantly craving more and more. 

If you let the mind control you then before you know it, you will be grossly overweight and will have diabetes!

The mind will be happy as it’s receiving pleasure but you can be damn sure that your soul won’t! 

Look around you when you’re next in a public place. 

The people you see who are overweight have no control over their mind. 

It’s ruling their experience and food is the temptation that it craves. 

So how do you stop this from happening? 

Well the difference between an overweight man and a healthy man is one thing. 


Practising the art of discipline each day enables you to take control of the experience and the pleasures you succumb to. 

The mind will always want the pleasure to stimulate its senses but your intuition will always be there to tell you whether it is the correct thing to experience or not. 

For example, during the week days I only fill my body with clean fuel in order to free my soul from the power of my mind. 

By eating clean food sources only, consisting of consciously sourced meat, vegetables and grains, the mind has nothing to crave! 

I discipline myself to only eat these foods because it enables me to focus properly on my daily evolution and control my mind to enable me to do so. 

I am the master of my mind when I am disciplined so can efficiently complete my daily tasks. 

I work better, train better and live better. 

If I was to fill myself with sugar and processed foods then I am giving my mind what it craves. 

The more you give it, the more it wants and you end up in a viscous cycle. 

I allow myself a treat on the weekends when my work is complete for that day but as soon as the time for reward is over, I have the discipline to instantly switch back to clean fuel sources. 

I have control of my mind through discipline. 

This was not always the case though! 

I had to practice the art of listening to my intuition in order to gain powerful discipline. 

At first the voice that is your intuition, your true self is very faint… 

Just a whisper. 

It never shouts at you, it is always quiet but the more you take the time to listen to it… 

The easier it is to hear. 

As I say, it is never loud it is always quiet but it becomes the only voice you want to hear and then it becomes the only voice. 

The minds voice is always chattering and shouting what it wants. 

By ignoring it and always looking for the whisper you eventually drown it out and the intuition takes control. 

You must be disciplined enough to stop when the mind is shouting and take the time to listen for your intuition. 

If you are constantly surrounded by people and in noisy environments then you will never hear it. 

You must take yourself into silence to hear its call. 

This is a discipline in itself. 

So now you know. 

You know how to be disciplined and that your conscious self is responsible for it. 

YOU are responsible! 

The mind will always want to feed the ego with pleasure and temptation… 

But YOU know better. 

When pleasure finds its way to you then so be it. 

Without some form of pleasure in this world then we would simply disappear as existence would be miserable. 

But pleasure will always find its way to you when the time is right. 

It should not be the other way around! 

Do not seek out pleasure for this is the mind controlling the experience. 

Instead have the discipline to follow your intuition and always walk your path of truth. 

Pleasure will still find you on this path but only what you need. 

Anything more than what you need will lead you astray… 

And the further you drift the more uncomfortable life will become. 

Stay on your path brother… 

It is the only way to feel peace. 




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