My friend,

Can you not feel it?!

She is dying.

Our mother.

Our life force.

Our friend.

Only, we haven’t been very good friends as it has been a one way relationship.

All take and no give…

On our part that is.

We as men have taken and ravaged her energy through greed of power.

We have destroyed the lands, the seas and the mountains.

We have turned any piece of available space into concrete prisons that lack any form of connection to nature.

We have become a cancer to her!

A disease.

Yet still…

She continues to love us.

She continues to unconditionally give.

As we breathe in, she breathes out and provides us with the oxygen we need to stay alive.

We cut down her trees and destroy her lungs to make it harder for her but still…

She breathes on.


If you were infected with a cancer like humans would you continue to feed it?

Or would you want to rid yourself of the sickness as quickly as possible?

I’m pretty sure I know your answer.

So why does she continue to provide?

She supported and nurtured us as her children so that we could learn and experience life.

She then understood that through the suppression of knowledge and no fault of our own…

We have forgotten who we really are!

Since then she has been patient while we have been going through the process of remembering.

But that time is over!

It is time for us to wake up!

She cannot support or sustain us this way any longer.

We have lost all connection.

We have lost the ability to love.

She cannot feed us while we travel down the wrong path.

She would only be supporting our destruction.

It is time for us to fight for her.

To fight with her.

The powers at be want to keep us suppressed.

Locked into our concrete jungles.

Fighting over energy.

Fighting for love!

It’s a sorry state and it’s a state that only we can get ourselves out of.

She will help us.

But first she needs our help!

She cannot guide us if we don’t listen.

She cannot support us if we cannot hear her guidance.

Her instructions are only whispers.

They are felt through the gut.

Through your instincts.

Through your intuition.

In order to hear her call you must break away from the chaos.

You must find silence.

In its moment you will hear her voice and you will know what to do.

The battle has started!

It starts with you!

You must win the battle for your mind.

Once you take control of your mind then your soul takes control of the body.

Once your soul takes control of the body then you can use it as a vessel to fulfil your mission.

You are here to break free from your chains.

Once you have done this you can break others free from theirs.

And once we are all free we can help her, the mother, the earth, to break free from hers.

She needs our help!

She needs your help!

It all starts with you.

The man reading this.

Win the battle for your soul.

Take control of your mind.

And the rest will take care of itself.

You will know what to do from there.

She needs us brother!

Do not give up on her!

For she has never given up on you.

White Bear



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