Your parents have met you.

Your wife has met you.

Your kids have met you.

Your co-workers have met you.

Your friends have definitely met you!

You are the man of many masks.

The role you play within society enables them to feel comfortable around you.

To your parents you are the loving son who has always got straight A’s and is living the dream life with the wife, car, house and kids!

They love to tell their friends about you at dinner parties and show you off at family occasions.

You always smile and stay polite but deep down you want to scream!

You are a 35 year old man being paraded around a room like a child with a magic trick.

But it’s all good!

You just put on the mask that your parents need you to wear and you make it through…

It keeps them happy.

That’s the aim of life right?

To keep others happy?

During the working week you have an even more powerful mask!

You excelled in the education system and managed to get yourself a job as a high flying sales rep.

The second you walk through those revolving doors on a work day, it’s game time!

You’re the funny guy after all and your co-workers need their daily dose of laughter.

Luckily this mask has all the jokes and knows how to hide the deep insecurities you harbour within.

You are the office clown…

But if only they knew…

This clown is laughing on the outside but dying from within.

But still!

The show must go on and the mask knows what to do so you continue to play the character and keep everyone happy.

Wouldn’t want to show them how miserable you truly are and lose this job now would you?

How could you continue to afford the life you have built for your wife and kids?

Which brings us to your next mask!

You arrive home from work in your Porsche Boxter to your 4 bedroom house and walk through the door to be greeted by your loving wife.

You met at university where you were captain of the rugby team and she adored you for that.

What a show you were for her friends and family.

They would all come and watch your games and your ego loved it back then.

But somehow, the show never quite finished did it?

You are exhausted from wearing the clown mask all day at work and all you want to do is put your feet up, but no…

Your wife has guests and they want to meet the high flying, ex-rugby captain salesman with the big gym muscles your wife has told them all about.

On comes the mask you wear for your wife and her “high society” friends…sigh!

After a 20 minute conversation with your wife’s friend’s husband about the Porsche Boxter (you now hate)…

You finally decide to give the guy a drive of it just to remove him from your personal space that he has no issues encroaching on.

On your way out of the house you cross paths with your teenage son who just about manages to break eye contact with his phone screen to mumble a hello to you.

You put on your cool Dad mask and try and have a little play fight with him in front of your new Porche Boxter buddy but he’s having none of it.

No point in wearing a mask for him.

He has already seen straight through all of them.

He has little respect for a man that bows down to his wife’s every need and wears so many masks for the world around him.

He has taken up martial arts to surround himself with the masculine energy you cannot provide.

Perhaps if you had continued playing rugby after university you could have taken him training with you and he would have respected your courage on the pitch…

But you had to work that office job to keep your wife happy and give her the life she wanted so it was impossible to do both!

Your son walks off and suddenly you don’t want to wear a mask anymore.

You apologise to your wife’s friend explaining you’re feeling a little sick and need to rest.

You hand him the keys and tell him to knock himself out though.

Maybe if he crashes it you will get an insurance payout and won’t have to shell out the monthly payments anymore.

You only bought the damn thing to impress your friends and now you are chained to its costs.

Talking of friends!

Maybe a beer with your good pal Dave will cheer you up!

He only lives around the corner so you can sneak out and see if he’s in!

Like a child without permission you sneak round to Dave’s house and sure enough, he’s in.

Time to put on the old rugby captain university mask you love wearing.

At least with this mask on you get respect.

Dave still loves talking about the good old days.

The days when the boys wanted to be you and the girls worshipped the ground you walked on.

All of your other friends got bored of this mask but not Dave, he will listen to this all day and it makes you feel good about who you once were.

But that’s the thing isn’t it!

It’s who you once were.

Back then you were fiery.

You had courage and you had developed leadership skills that made you seem like a god to other men.

The boys on the rugby team put their bodies on the line for you every week!

But now they are all gone.

Only Dave is left.

Dave grabs his jacket to head out for beers but you stop him in his tracks.

You tell Dave you just got an urgent business call and need to head to the office.

He begrudgingly accepts and you walk off down the road with a heavy head.

What is happening?!

As your mood drops, down comes the rain.

As the water drips down your face you feel the masks slowly melting away.

There is no one around so no need to wear them right now.

All you are left with is your true face.

Your truth.

Your soul.

You carry on walking in the rain trying desperately to figure out why you are so unhappy.

You walk past a shop window and gaze into its reflection.

You stop for a second.

You haven’t been present enough to see this man in years!

You are always wearing so many masks that you had forgotten what he looks like.

His energy seems faded and his face looks drained.

Wearing so many masks has taken its toll on this man.

You walk closer to the shop window and you notice something.

The man in the reflection is ageing with every step you take!

You look old and grey!

Then you hear his voice!

“To the man with many masks. Soon your face will look like this and on that day, you will realise what you gave up!”

“You will realise that in order to please others and keep them happy, you gave away all of your energy!”

“In giving away all of your energy, your soul could not fulfil its mission and you will now die with the most painful burden a man can carry from this world…


“Let this be a warning to you. Continue wearing many masks and your fate will be sealed.”

You shake your head and your vision focuses back onto the glass of the shop window.

You see your face again, back to its 35 year old reflection.

What was that!?

You walk back towards your house in shock.

There is no denying what you just saw.

Its lessons were clear.

The rain has begun to lift and you feel the warmth of late summer sunshine on your face.

Your face!

The face of your truth.

The weight of the world lifts from your shoulders as you breathe in a moment of realisation.

It is time for you to stop wearing the masks.

It is time for you to live your truth.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Who cares if your wife starts to hate you or your co-workers don’t think you’re funny anymore.

You despise it all anyway.

It’s not the life you want or were destined to live.

Or was it?!

Maybe you lived this way so you could teach others how not to live?

Was this your wake up moment?

Your awakening to your soul purpose and who you truly are?

You begin to jog.

You begin to run!

You know who you’re running to.

Your son!

You want to show him who you really are.

You may have wasted much of your life wearing a mask but you cannot let him do the same!

You cannot let him make your mistakes!

You get to your house and burst through the door.

Your son is at the kitchen table playing games on his phone.

You pull the phone from his hands and tell him to grab his rugby ball and his boots.

He looks at you like you’re crazy but at the same time…

He is smiling!

You haven’t seen that smile in years!

Off you go to the park to pass on your new knowledge and rugby skills.

On the way to the park your son looks at you and asks…

“Why do you look so happy?”

You reply simply with these words…

“Because I am now myself, I am now my truth!

And without my masks…

I will have NO REGRETS.”

White Bear



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