Let me be very clear…

These words are about to change your life.


Because they are about to completely change your perception.

On what I hear you ask?

On life!

This may be difficult for some of you to comprehend at first…

Difficult for you to feel.

But sit with it once you have read it through and see if it really does sound that crazy.

Are you ready?

Okay here we go…


Let that sit for a second.

I mean I’m literally telling you that from the second you wake up…

Your day has been written!

It has been signed off and you are about to sit back and watch the movie unfold.

You are a lead character in the movie…

But you have no control!

How does that make you feel?




I understand.

You’ve lived your entire life believing you were the master of your fate…

The master of your destiny.

You believed that you were making choices each day and everything that happened was random.

You thought you were individual…

You thought you were special!

I hate to break it to you brother…

But you are not!

You see you fit into a living game that is being played on a scale that your limited mind couldn’t possibly comprehend.

A game in which you may believe that you are a centre piece.

A king on the chess board!

But you are merely a pawn.

In your eyes…

In your mind…

Your world is everything!

You are the epicentre of the universe.

But trust me when I say this…

You are not!

Your ego believes it is.

But your soul…

Your true self…

It knows better.

It understands that it is like a cell in an organism.

A living, breathing, loving organism that is all knowing.

This organism…


Consciousness is everything.

It is all and it is nothing.

It is day and it is night.

It is light and it is dark.

It is the divine spark that resides within you.

It is your soul.

It is you!

What you currently think is you…

Is your mind!

Your mind has created a character…

Your ego!

And you live your day to day life believing that this character is in control because your mind says so.

Your mind is in control of your conscious thoughts…

And your mind is unconscious.

It is a biological computer.

So if your mind is thinking for you…

Then you are not in control.

If you are not in control…

Then you are not conscious.

If you are not conscious…

Then you are disconnected from consciousness.

You are unconscious.

How can you be connected to the source if you are not conscious?

You can’t!

So you must regain your connection with consciousness in order to re-connect to the game.

If you are not playing the game…

Then the game is playing you!

But wait a minute…

You said we have no control so how can we play the game?

There is a simple answer to that my friend…

That is the whole point of the game!

You see before you came into this world…

Before you incarnated.

You chose a life design.

You chose how you wanted to live in this 3D reality and what you wanted to learn when you came here.

Then when you incarnated…

You forgot everything!


Because that is the point of the game.

You have been given a mind.

You are a soul experiencing what it is like to have a mind…

To have a body too!

You are born

You experience life…

You are given signs, clues, messages, opportunities, characters, synchronicities!

Your job is to piece everything together in order to figure out firstly…

That you are not your mind.


That you are not your ego.

And thirdly…

That you have a mission and you must complete it.

You have a purpose!

This is what they call…

Waking up!

You are only truly awake…

Truly conscious…

When you have transcended your mind, your ego and remembered your purpose.

From here your life can truly begin.

You can start living out the reality you designed…

But not from the drivers seat.

From the back seat!

You will wake up and realise that you are simply watching the life you chose before you incarnated unfold…

Play out like a movie.

The movie of your life.

The movie you chose!

You are not the driver…

You are the passenger!

You are consciousness expressing itself as the character you are playing and your job is to enjoy the ride.

The good…

And the bad!

It’s all the same.

It’s all just the experience.

It’s all just life.

Your life!

So there you have it…

Now you know the big secret.

You are not real.

You are an experience.

An expression of consciousness.

I understand that is very difficult to accept.

You have been conditioned to believe you are the controller…

The driver!

And perhaps in a way I have not been fully truthful with you.

There is one thing you do have control of.

What is it?


You see you can make your ride…

Your journey…

Your experience…

A bumpy one or a smooth one.

It all depends on how you respond.

How you react.

Like being on a crazy rollercoaster.

Some people will scream in fear.

Some will scream with joy!

Either way both types of people are bolted into the cart and cannot get off until it’s over.

The one who was terrified has a negative experience.

The one who enjoyed it had a great time!

It was the same rollercoaster…


But the emotional responses were different so two different experiences were felt.

My suggestion to you is this.

Trust the process.

Start to sit back and feel your way through life.

Trust that it has a plan for you based on what you decided to experience…

And it will all unfold according to plan if you simply let it.

The more you resist…

The tighter you hold onto the safety bars on that rollercoaster…

The more uncomfortable the journey is going to be.

Although the ride may sometimes get bumpy…

May sometimes make you scared or scream.

That is still part of the process.

Part of the lesson you came to learn.

And don’t compare your ride to anyone else’s.

We all came to learn different lessons.

Just focus on your own.

Watch your own movie.

That’s the one that was written for you.

That’s the one that was written by you!

So make yourself comfy…

Grab some popcorn…

And trust the process brother!

Consciousness won’t let you down!

Life won’t let you down!




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