Hey bro,

I need you to do something for me.

Put down that energy drink!

Put down that coffee!

Put down that chocolate bar!

I know you’re consuming it because you need energy…

But that’s the problem!

You shouldn’t need to borrow energy from a stimulant.

Because that’s all that’s happening with those types of consumables.

You are being stimulated…

Not energised!

You are borrowing fake energy.

False energy.

Force energy!

The stimulant in the form of caffeine and sugar is forcing your body into a state of over-stimulation.


Because of adrenaline.

These stimulants force your adrenal glands to go into fight or flight mode.

They produce adrenaline in response to the fake energy source you have put into your body.

It’s the adrenaline that gives you the energy but this is borrowed!

After the initial surge you will hit a peak and then come crashing down!

From here, because you borrowed that adrenaline, you will now be in deficit.

That deficit will need to be repaid through sleep and effective recovery and regeneration.

But most of us don’t get effective sleep, recovery and regeneration…

So we are always in a deficit!

Because we are always in a deficit…

We continue to borrow false energy from stimulating consumables and consequently…

We go round and round in a circle.

Constantly borrowing energy we don’t have…

Forcing the adrenals to work.

Sinking deeper and deeper into an energetic deficit until one day…

The body has enough!

The adrenal glands are burnt out…

They are fatigued.

There is no more adrenaline!

If you become adrenally insufficient then the entire endocrine system suffers and an array of negative physical symptoms start to occur.

So as you can see…

Borrowing energy in the form of stimulants such as coffee, energy drinks and sugary snacks is not the way to go.

So how do we energise our bodies?

You may remember I mentioned at the beginning that you shouldn’t need to borrow energy…

Why did I say that?

You see bro…

Energy is all around you!

As the famous scientist Nikola Tesla found out…

Energy exists in the space around us.

The ether!

And it can be extracted!

Nikola Tesla created a machine to do so but I want to reveal something to you.

You don’t need a machine…

Your body is a biological machine that can extract energy from the ether!


The nervous system.

Your nervous system is like a tree.

A tree’s roots extend and branch out dramatically below the earth…

Just like in your body!

Your body’s nervous system branches out internally within your body.

But here’s something you didn’t know.

It also branches out into the ether!

Your energy field contains the external representation of your nervous system…

Only this part you cannot see!

It is energetic!

It is not visible to the human eye.

It exists at a frequency you cannot see!

If you want to live with energy and power

The type of power that will make you rich in the only way you can truly be rich in this world…


If you want to truly be rich with this source…

Then you must develop the reach of your external nervous system.

How I hear you ask?

Well first of all you must have strong roots!

Just like the tree!

You must build and maintain a strong internal nervous system.

This will give you the foundations you need to grow your external branches.

It is with these external branches that you can extract energy or pure consciousness from the ether!

Because that’s what energy is…


So I am sure you would like to know how to build and maintain a strong internal nervous system so you can reach far out energetically into the ether?

Of course you do…

You wouldn’t be here otherwise would you?!

Only thing is…

You are going to have to come back for the answer.

Catch you next time bro!




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