My friend,

This sounds like an easy question.

Being grateful surely means being thankful right?


Being grateful isn’t actually anything to do with being thankful.

Being grateful revolves around one word and one word only.

What is that word….


You see when we are grateful for something…

It means we value what we have received.

When you are given a gift at Christmas and the gift turns out to be something you don’t want.

You say thank you for it.

I’m sure you even appreciate the thought.

But you don’t value it do you?

You don’t want it or need it so how can you?

So although you say thank you and can appear grateful…

Truly you can never be grateful for something you don’t value.

We are only ever grateful for what we need…

Not what we want!

What we want is guided by the ego.

What we need is guided by the soul.

The soul is your true self.

It only ever wants what it needs.

The ego is greedy and just wants.

So what is it that we all need?

It is actually the most unappreciated gift someone can give you…

The most undervalued gift in the world!

It is a gift that is abused…

Especially when it comes to the receipt of gratitude.

People in this world just don’t seem to understand how valuable it is!

It has a greater value than any sum of money…

Any fancy car…

Any shiny jewellery.

It is literally responsible for life itself.

It is responsible for everything!

Without it we would all perish.

Yet still…

When someone gives it to us we don’t appreciate it.

We don’t value it.

We’re not grateful for it!

What is this gift that we should value so much?


It doesn’t matter how much energy someone gives you…

The majority of people in this world will…

A). Always want more.

B). Never appreciate it no matter how much you give them…

C). Never be grateful.


Because we have all been conditioned to only see value in that which we can experience with the 5 senses.

We have all been conditioned to value matter or materialism over spirit or energy.

Yet someone’s energy is so much more valuable!

Energy comes in the form of time.

Energy comes in the form of words.

Energy comes in the form of love.

Think of those 3 forms for a second.

Reflect on them.

No matter how big your house is…

How many cars you have…

How much money you have in the bank!

It can never equate to the value of someone’s time.

Someone going out of their way to make time for you so that you have companionship.

So that you’re not lonely.

That is something to be grateful for!

That is something that makes you feel valued.

What about when you’re feeling low and need some help.

You could drive your nice car or spend some of your money.

It may make you feel better for a while.

But do you know what’s truly going to make you feel better?

What you would truly be grateful for?

Somebody’s words.

Words contain energy.

They can pick us up.

They can shoot us down.

Words are powerful forms of energy.

Words have been the cause of some amazing moments and events.

But they have also been the cause of death and destruction.

Words are powerful!

Somebody picking up the phone and speaking to you when you’re down…

They are giving you their energy.

Their words are healing you.

Your fancy car can’t do that!

Yet still we don’t receive it with the same form of gratitude!

Quite often once we’re back on our feet we forget about those who helped us when we were down.

That is until we’re down again.

Sometimes we go so low that only one form of energy can truly save us.


I’m not talking about the emotional form here.

Hollywood movies have destroyed the true understanding of what love is for most of us.

It is not a soppy emotion!

It is an energy.

We all know it.

We all crave it.

Some have received more than others.

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to live without it then maybe you appreciate its value…

But most of us don’t!

When someone gives you their love…

They are giving the greatest gift of all!

The purest form of energy they have available to them.

Not everyone can give love.

You cannot give what you do not have.

Many of us are lacking in love.

So we take more than we give.

One thing’s for sure…

When someone gives you their love they are giving you their energy.

And energy is all that we truly value.

And what we value is what we are truly grateful for.

Everything else is just being thankful.

It is not the same!

I repeat…

Only what we value we are truly grateful for.

And again I repeat…

Only what we need we truly value.

The ego is greedy.

Do not give in to its greed.

Listen to your soul…

Your intuition…

And only take what you need!

What we see value in…

As people.

As a human race.

It must come into question again.

No longer should the material be so valuable to the many.

Matter should be second to energy.

The gift of someone’s energy…

Their time…

Their words…

Their love!

That is all that truly matters.

Do not take more than you need.

Give more than you take.

If we all lived this way.

If we all saw value in energy…

The world would be a very different place.

So do yourself a favour.

Next time someone gives you their energy…

FEEL its value…




White Bear



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