Sup bro!

Do you think you are fit?


I mean I know you can bench, squat and deadlift.

But does that make you fit?

Maybe you can run a marathon.

Does that make you fit?

At the top end of the scale…

Professional boxers, rugby players, iron man triathletes, extreme adventurers!

Are they all fit?

Let me answer this question for you…


Now before you get mad and close this knowledge post…

Let me tell you why.

Fitness isn’t a short term thing!

Fitness is the ability to meet the demands of your mission!

Your mission?

What are you talking about Tane?

Well you have to understand something brother…

Your life has a purpose!

You incarnated into this reality for a reason.

To learn.

To experience.

To live!

What you learn, experience and live each day is all connected to your mission.

You are either fulfilling your mission…

Or you are not!

If you are connected to your mission and living it daily then you will know what you are doing.

You will be following your intuition and will be guided each step of the way.

You will be content with your life experience because you have found your purpose.

Purpose gives us life!

If you are not fulfilling your mission…

You will be feeling a bit lost.


Maybe you feel its call but you are scared to face it.

You’ve created a comfort zone and don’t want to leave.

You are hiding!

So you feel no peace.

When you are connected to your path…

Your flow.

You have energy.

You have power!

You have all you need to live and breathe your mission.

When you have strayed from your path…

You feel anxious.

You feel depressed.

You have to force your way through life.

Always fighting against something you cannot see.

This leaves you drained.

With no energy.

No power!

So what does all of this have to do with fitness?

Well when you are living your mission…

You need huge amounts of energy!

Every day requires the best of you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Every day!

I repeat…


That is what fitness is.

Winning every day!

Not just a training session.

A fight.

A marathon.

It’s winning every day for the rest of your life!

Fulfilling its physical, mental and spiritual needs.

The needs of your mission.

If you want to live your mission…

Live your purpose…

And receive all of its power and benefits…

You must meet physical, mental and spiritual requirements…


Your requirements are set by the needs of your mission.

Some missions are more intense than others.

They are heavier burdens to carry and so they require greater amounts of energy.

People living these types of missions will need to maintain a higher vibration.

Their bodies will need to vibrate at a higher frequency so they can hold more power!

They need a light body.

But you don’t just get given this.

You have to earn it!

You have to train for it.

Not just physically.

You have to pass many mental and spiritual tests too.

Battles for the body, mind and soul will take place…

And you must win them all!

Day in day out.


No excuses!

If you fail a day you will only have to repeat it.

Repeat its lesson.

So you must pass each day…

Every day!

This is fitness.

Winning the daily battles for your body, mind and soul…

Every day!

If you do this…

If you meet your physical, mental and spiritual requirements…

Maintain your fitness.

You build momentum.

Momentum raises your vibration.

A higher vibration means a higher frequency.

A higher frequency means a lighter body.

A lighter body means more power!

You have to understand…

It must be earned this way.

You must earn your power!

If you give a lot of power to a dense body.

A dark body.

A body vibrating at a low frequency.

It will burn out!

Short circuit.

The nervous system would not be able to handle it.

Handle the energy!

Your mission may be a great one.

It may require huge amounts of energy.

But if you do not earn it by meeting your daily physical, mental and spiritual requirements…

You will not receive what you need to fulfil your great mission.

So you must be fit!

The TRUE definition of fitness!

Meet your physical, mental and spiritual requirements day in day out.

No excuses!

You will be asked to train your body.

You will be asked to train your mind.

You will be asked to train your soul.

Your mission will require you to.

This is fitness!

Meeting the requirement.

Maintaining the balance between all 3 areas day in day out for the rest of your life!

The rest of your mission.

You may be a great athlete.

You may have gold medals for competitions you have won…

Events you have won…

Fights you have won!

But there is a bigger fight going on.

One you will need to be truly fit for.

One you will need to embody the true definition of fitness for.

You will need to be synchronised through your body, mind and soul.

You will need the highest vibration possible!

You will need to win every day!

No short term goals can match this level of fitness.

This is a journey.

This is a quest.

This is your quest.

This is why you came here.

This is the ultimate battle.

The battle for your soul!

So understand this…

It doesn’t matter how fit you think you are.

It doesn’t matter how much weight you can lift…

How far you can run…

How hard you can hit…

How fast you can cross the finish line.

None of these things determine your level of fitness!

Those who are truly fit…

Those who embody the principle of fitness.

You will see them at the only finish line that truly matters in life…


And when you do see them there…

You will see huge smiles on their faces!

Want to know why?

Because they will have fulfilled their missions.

They will have passed every test.

They will have competed the game.

They will have no regrets!

If you want no regrets.

If you want to smile at the finish line.

Then remember…

You came here to live.

You came here to learn.

You came here to experience.

You were not meant to live in fear.

You were not meant to fit into a system.

You were not meant to be a slave.

If that’s how you feel right now in your life…

Then it’s time to break free!

It’s time for you to ascend!

It’s time for you to take back your soul.

The only way to do this…

Is to raise your vibration.

And the only way to do that…

Is to meet your daily physical, mental and spiritual requirements.

Maintain your fitness!

Day in day out.

Every day.

No excuses.

Fitness is a life journey…

It is consistency!

Not a short term win.

Forget only the fittest will survive…

It’s only the fittest will thrive!

Do not survive life…

Thrive in it!





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