Do you want to know why men have become so weak?

It’s because that’s what they want!

What who wants you ask?

At the moment that is irrelevant but know this.

Those in power have been conditioning the western population in particular, to create generations of weak men…

And it’s because of war!

The weaker the men, the weaker the resistance.

It’s as simple as that.

Now before I go any further, understand that this is not an attack on women!!

Men do not work without women!

We must work together to establish balance between the sexes so that an overall balance can once again be achieved.

This balance will involve men no longer misusing their power to suppress women and women no longer using their power to control men.

No man can nurture like a woman can.

A woman’s touch is healing and their energy is pure and loving.

But women’s energy is not in balance and while it does take two to tango, I’m afraid men have got to take responsibility here.

We have let our women down!

Throughout history we have been given power by the universe and we have misused it!

We have followed the orders of psychopathic rulers (blindly) and created war and chaos!

We have created a world based on instant gratification, pleasure and materialism.

We have destroyed the natural world through greed and a lack of empathy.

But let me reiterate…

This was under the tyranny of psychopathic rulers!

No more!!!

We as men are waking up.

We will no longer suppress our women.

We will work with them to create a better world.

But we need them to forgive us!

To support us once again.

Society has tricked women into thinking they must fight against us.

And they fight because we have let them down.

But we will no longer let them down!

The powers that be are pushing for feminism.

The movies you watch will present women as stronger than men.

The video games you play will present females as the strongest characters.

Your social media news feeds will be full of articles about women rising up against men.

There is nothing wrong with women being equal to men, but there is no need for women to be or to be portrayed as stronger.

This will create imbalance.

Men don’t need to be portrayed as stronger either.

There must be balance!

But men can’t be forgotten!

They cannot be suppressed and made redundant as role models in society.

Women and men need each other.

They want men to become weak.

They want to take away our purpose.

If women and children don’t need us, then we will lose that purpose.

Without purpose we are powerless.

As the chaos of this world expands, men will not have the energy to fight back.

Those in power will get what they want.


This is no joke!

We are moving into an extreme chaos!

It’s time to wake up!




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