As I am writing this I find myself in a complete state of oneness.

A complete state of calm.

The reason why?

I have just left the ocean.

Even better…

I have just left a cold ocean.

I feel alive!

I feel free!

I feel connected to my true consciousness…

My soul!

But why?

Why does the ocean make us feel so connected?

How does it free us from our minds?

Free us from the troubles our minds create?

Well there is a simple answer to these questions but it is one you must be open for.

What if I told you…

You are made of the ocean?!

Think about it for a second.

You are made of water!

The average human adult is made of 55-60% water.


A human infant is up to 75% water!

Meaning as we age we become more solid.

More dense.

Less water…

Equals less fluidity.

Infants and children are so much more fluid than adults.

They flow!

Perhaps containing more water…

Means containing more life!

More energy.

Water is energy.

Water is everything.

Water is life!

Think about it.

Water is always in motion.

Even when it is still…

It is vibrating!

When we move…

We vibrate!

The water that resides within us, then also begins to vibrate.

Movement gives us more energy…

Because movement increases vibration!

The higher our vibration…

The more energy we have!

Just like a river leading to the ocean.

Always moving.

Always in motion.

Always energy.

Our planet’s surface contains up to 71% water…

And 96.5% of that is in the oceans!

Just like humans…

The Earth consists mainly of water.

And the majority of it is in the oceans.

So when we take time to go and visit the ocean.

To reconnect with its energy.

We are reconnecting with ourselves.

For we are made of water.

We are made of the same substance that powers the earth!

We are simply smaller versions of this giant living organism we call home.

Made of the same elements…

Fire, Earth, Air and…


Up to 60% of it as a fully grown adult.

So when you visit the ocean…

You get to reconnect and sit with the very substance that powers your body.

That energises you!

Sit in the ocean and feel its motion.

Feel its vibration!

That feeling you’re experiencing on the outside when you are amongst its movement…

Its current…

Its waves!

That movement is a larger and more expansive version of the very motion that takes place within your body.

If you let this motion become still…

If you do not move and energise the water that resides in your body…

Then you become stagnant.

You become dense.

Without movement…

You are not living!

You are simply existing.

Even worse…

You are dying!

You must move every day!

Flow like the rivers that feed the oceans.

And if life ever gets you down or you start taking it a little to seriously…

Take yourself to the ocean and reconnect with its energy!

The ocean is you…

And you are the ocean.

White Bear



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