My friend, 

In a world that is telling you to stop eating meat… 

I am telling you the opposite! 

As a man… 

It is imperative that you eat meat! 

Forget what you are being brainwashed to believe by the system. 

To live as a healthy man…  

You require a specific energy source. 

The only way to describe it is through a word that comes from eastern culture. 

That word is… 


Plant based diets. 

Vegetarian, fruitarian, vegan… 

Whatever identity it falls under. 

For men… 

They are extremely counter-productive. 

Plant based diets nurture Yin energy. 

Yin energy is a feminine energy. 

It is soft, passive, cold and represents slowness from a vibrational perspective. 

Do you think these characteristics match well to the male energy? 

The simple answer to that question is no! 

As man you must resonate with the Yang characteristics… 

The masculine. 

Yang is hard, active, hot and restless from a vibrational perspective. 

Now don’t get me wrong! 

There must be balance! 

A man with too much Yang energy will find himself in trouble. 

Watch one of those prison documentaries on Netflix and you will see how men with too much Yang energy behave. 

Men who are locked up with too much restless, masculine energy and nowhere to vent it. 

It’s a recipe for disaster as you will see! 

Yang energy can be very volatile if not understood and channelled into an appropriate outlet. 

A man with too much Yang energy and nowhere to channel it will be very aggressive… 

He will look to either fight or sexually release this energy. 

This can lead to devastating consequences for victims of any resulting violent or sexual acts. 

It is clearly best to maintain balance between the two energies… 

Yin and Yang. 

So what does this all have to do with steak and eggs? 

Well as previously mentioned… 

The system is currently brainwashing us to believe that we must only eat plant based diets. 

For a man in particular… 

This is extremely detrimental. 

We don’t want to be too Yang for reasons mentioned above… 

But we also don’t want to become too Yin! 

Plant based foods are for the most part very Yin. 

Eating a plant based diet as a man will naturally create a Yin vibration. 

This is a very feminine vibration that energetically does not manifest well within the male form. 

A man who is Yin will display very feminine characteristics. 

He will appear very effeminate. 

This is not correct! 

To ensure a healthy vibration, a man must embody a balanced Yang energy too. 

The answer? 

Steak and eggs! 

Now unless you are buying your food from a well managed farm… 

The likelihood is you are consuming supermarket produce. 

This food is nutritionally deficient. 

It is extremely poor when it comes to nutrient density and quality. 

This is because it is grown in nutrient deficient soils. 

Due to over population, the soil on farm land used to grow our food has been depleted. 

You cannot stress the land over and over again in the way that we do.

It depletes the soil of energy. 

This depletes our food of energy… 

Of nutrients! 

It is hard enough to get the energy we need from fruits and vegetables… 

Let alone nutritionally depleted ones! 

The answer… 

Steak and eggs! 

So I keep giving you the answer but haven’t really told you why. 


Steak and eggs nurture Yang energy. 

Meat is associated with all of the characteristics of Yang. 

Eggs are associated with all of the characteristics of Yang. 

In a system that is feeding you nutrient depleted foods and poor quality information… 

The answer is… 

Steak and eggs! 

Eat some steak and eggs… 

You will get a hit of Yang energy! 

You will think clearer. 

As a man… 

You will feel that heat… 

That fire… 

That restless vibration rise! 

The system wants you to be passive… 

To be docile. 

But you don’t want that! 

You are a man! 

You need some of that restless energy in your body. 

It will drive you to make changes. 

Drive you to take charge of your life! 

Yang energy is good for a man’s body… 

But it is even better for a man’s mind! 

It gives him confidence… 



The ability to think with truth and conviction. 

The system wants you to stop eating your steak and eggs… 

It doesn’t want you to revolt. 

Steak and eggs makes a man Yang… 

You can use that Yang energy to make a difference… 

Make a change! 

They don’t want change. 

They like it how it is. 

Like you as a sheep. 

They are the wolves. 

They are also the shepherds. 

The sheep aren’t supposed to fight back. 

Want to fight back? 

Eat your steak and eggs! 

Oh and just so you know… 

I completely understand why everyone has gone plant based. 

We are becoming more conscious which is a good thing! 

The way we have been conditioned to treat animals… 


They are consciousness just like we are. 

They are life! 

They should be raised with love in the environment that best suits their growth. 

They deserve a good quality of life just like we do. 

Farm animals have a purpose though. 

They fit into the circle of life just like we do. 

It is okay to eat them. 

But it is not okay to mistreat them! 

They must be raised consciously. 

You must not support the suffering of animals. 

So don’t buy from supermarkets! 

Buy from your local farm. 

Consciously source your meat and eggs. 

Not only are you supporting the animals… 

But you are also supporting humans. 

Your local farmers. 

Your local community! 

We are in this world together.  

All forms of life! 

We must make it work! 

As a race of beings… 

We have a long journey ahead of us. 

You need your Yang energy to be in balance. 

You will need your strength. 

Make sure you’ve eaten… 

Your steak and eggs! 




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