When you see someone throw trash on the ground…

Tell them to pick it up!

When people in your neighbourhood are being loud and obnoxious…

Tell them to be quiet!

If you see someone being bullied or picked on by another…

Tell them to stop!

It is time for us to fight back!

Fight back…

With kindness!

Fight back…

With truth!

Fight back…

With love!

You see in the examples I have given above…

I am not advising you to go and create trouble.

When you go and tell someone to check their actions…

You don’t need to do it aggressively.

You don’t need to be angry with them or do it in an emotional way.

Go and tell them to check their actions…

And do it firmly.

But do it calmly.

Do not spread more hate…

Or even worse…


Hate creates more hate.

Violence creates more violence.

Your job…

As a light warrior…

Is to set an example!

You see the problem in this world is consequences.

There are no consequences!

You can abuse others…

The planet…

Even yourself!

And you won’t suffer any consequences.

Sometimes it catches up with you for sure!

You may abuse others and get caught…

Face prison.

You may abuse yourself…

Get sick.

But think how much people actually get away with.

Think how much those in power get away with!

The law and judicial system is corrupt.

The prison system is corrupt.

The system itself is corrupt!

Good, hard working, honest people suffer the consequences of darkness every day.

The knowledge they need to take their power back has been suppressed…

Until now!

The age of information has changed everything.

The internet has changed everything.

Saviour World…

Is changing everything!

Through knowledge we have empowered ourselves…

And we are empowering others!

You have no excuses now!

If you refuse to accept and empower yourself with this knowledge…

You are letting darkness win!

Knowledge is light.

If you refuse the knowledge…

You refuse the light!

You are accepting the darkness.

People who let darkness work through them…

The unconscious.

They are the problem.

If that is you…

Then you are the problem!

Because you refuse to wake up…

To your reality.

To yourself!

If you are not awake…

Or as the kids call it…


Then you can be worked through by darkness.

If you aren’t woke.

If you are asleep…

If you are unconscious…

You are part of the system.

If you are part of the system…

You can be manipulated.

Used as a pawn at their will.

Your mind is not your own.

It is in their control.

So you are in their control!

Just like Agent Smith in the matrix…

Manifesting himself through any unconscious person he chooses.

If you are not awake…

Not in control…

The system can work through you when it chooses.

Manifest itself through you when it chooses.

The system is Agent Smith!

It is darkness!

Until you take back control of your mind…

You will always be theirs to abuse.

So how do you wake up?

How do you help others to wake up?


You need to suffer the consequences.

Suffer the consequences of your actions.

If you throw trash on the floor…

Check yourself and pick it up.

If you see someone else throw trash on the floor…

Check them and tell them to pick it up.

It sounds minor but it’s not!

These actions are those of unconscious individuals.

The only way to wake up is to consciously stop negative action.

Action that creates more darkness.

In yourself and others.

But be sensible!

Use common sense.

If a situation seems dangerous…

For example if there is a loud party on your street and the people having it are known to be violent…

Don’t go and put yourself at risk!

A drunk and violent neighbour will not hear your words no matter how firm but fair they are.

In that instance call the police.

They are still suffering the consequence of their actions because you had the courage to act.

Most are too scared!

They want to stop the noise or do something about it…

But they live in fear.

You must overcome fear!

You must be brave for those who don’t know how.

Take a stand.

Fight for those who are too scared to do so!

But be sensible with your fight.

Fight consciously!

And remember…

These people have darkness working through them.

Fighting them with more darkness will not work!

Don’t fight with violence.

Don’t fight with hate!

Don’t act high and mighty or do it from a place of ego.

Do it with love.

Do it with kindness.

Kindly to others…

Kindly to yourself!

If you catch yourself unconsciously hurting you, someone else or the planet…

Don’t beat yourself up about it!

You are fighting to regain consciousness.

Regain control over your mind.

Sometimes you will drift.

Sometimes you will slip up!

Don’t feel guilty…

Just check yourself and move forward.

Stay connected.

If you disconnect…


Keep checking yourself.

Keep checking others.

Do it with kindness.

Do it with love.

We all need to fight together!

Fight for each other!

Fight for the planet!

Mother Earth.

But it starts with you!

Fight for yourself first.

If you catch yourself drifting into unconsciousness.

If you catch yourself making unconscious actions.

Check yourself and start again.

Wake yourself up!

Once you can do this for yourself and maintain consciousness for long periods of time…

You can help others to do it too!

You can help them to check their actions.

But I must reiterate…

It must only be done with kindness

It must only be done with love.

Hate creates more hate.

Violence creates more violence.

Fear creates more fear.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Do not blind others…

Do not create more darkness.

Help them to see!

See the truth!

See the consequences of their actions!

You must guide with light.

Lead with light.

Light the path for others.

You’re a light warrior!

You must take conscious action!

To take conscious action…

You must first become conscious!

So fight for your own consciousness…

By checking your own consequences.

From there you can help others to face their consequences.

In order to raise their consciousness.

We must all rise!

We must all wake up!

We must all fight!

You are here…

To fight!

Make sure you do ✊




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