It’s simple.

For us to change the reality we live in to a positive frequency, we must first change ourselves to a positive frequency.

The words that form these 10 values are an expression of truth. The truth is an expression of a positive frequency.

You must learn how to resonate with these words by applying the lessons of each value to your life.

Once you have mastered the lessons, your SELF will become an expression of truth.

Once you are an expression of truth you are a positive frequency.

Once you are a positive frequency you will attract a positive life.

Once you have a positive life you can help others to see the truth.

Only the truth will set us free!

Future generations are depending on you.




You do not live in a country, city, town or house, you live in your body. Your body is a physical reflection of the internal respect you have for yourself. If you do not maintain your biological home you will lose the vital energy needed to fulfil your purpose. Train, nourish and honour your body.



Believe in yourself! There is no such thing as success or failure, only purpose. Your mind will try to convince you that you have made mistakes on your journey but there is no such thing, only lessons. Keep moving forward, never give up and trust that everything happens for a reason.



We live in a world with unparalleled access to information SO USE IT and apply it to your life through action! Learn. Experience. Then move quickly to apply the teaching to your purpose. Doing this daily with discipline is true wisdom.



Each day you must improve physically, mentally and spiritually. Become aware of how your body, mind and spirit work, how they react to different stimuli. Experiment with exercise and diet, read, learn about life from others, listen to and learn from yourself.



There are substances that sustain us and substances that damage us. There are people who build us up and people who bring us down. There are thoughts that push us forward and thoughts that hold us back. You are in control so choose wisely!



Wake up! Become conscious. Become aware of your true self. You already know the answers to your questions. You just need to be brave enough to stop and listen every once in a while in order to hear them. You are the only person who knows your journey so look to yourself for guidance.



We have been conditioned to take more than we give. Acts of kindness send a ripple effect into the universe and raise our vibrational frequency, so constantly be on the look out for ways to give back! Help a friend or help a stranger. Pay someone a compliment or someone lonely a visit. Invest time and energy into others. We are all connected. Give out and you will get back.



We all have a purpose and there is no one purpose greater than another. Your destiny may not involve you becoming a famous athlete, singer or movie star but understand this! That doesn't make you any less important. Whatever your purpose, find it, embrace it, believe in it and do it well.



The truth is that YOU are the only person you can rely on in this world. You can call on the help of others but your family, friends, girlfriend cannot fulfil your purpose. You must become self-sufficient in order to be at peace and at one with yourself. Master this and everything else will follow!



The only thing a man should fear is not living the life he has been given to its full potential; not fulfilling his purpose. Time waits for no man, so make sure you LIVE EVERY MOMENT of this life to the full.

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